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It's mainly us two on the team.

Tidbits about Us

But! We've got a bunch of talented creatives helping us along the way.

For now, you can get to know us first.


Kai Lin

Principal Videographer

I'm a huge lover of colours and have a loud and bright personality that reflects that to a T. I love to express myself and tell stories through filmmaking, as well as through other mediums such as painting, writing and dancing. I hope to be able to help others to see their potential for greatness and creative expression, and bring comfort, joy and wonder to others through my work for as long as I possibly can!


Principal Photographer

Hao Wen

I have been a huge fan of taking videos and photographs of things that I see, and places that I've been. In the process of capturing these fonds memories for myself; I thought, why not do it for others? So here I am! Enjoying what I do most by capturing one of the most special day that anyone can have in their lives, and I hope I can be there for yours too!

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